Collection: WHOLESALE

Why not start a business with a product that sells itself with ease? We can help you build a profitable brand with no experience.
These waist beads have been selling themselves offering us a great income in the process. We’ve been offering wholesale options since April of 2021 and now we have a team ready to work.
Take these beads to any market, trade show, pop up shop or e-commerce store and watch them work for you!
If you're looking for an extra income, look no further. These beads sell themselves.

Expenses such as individual packaging are not included but can be arranged as that varies on how much your brand requires. Also, most orders are pre-ordered therefore may take 7-14 days to fulfill. Smaller orders ship faster as they are pulled from current inventory. After your purchase, if you ever need assistance, tips, tricks or have any concerns or need ideas you will always be welcomed to reach out to the owner.