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SERENITY FLOW - Individual

SERENITY FLOW - Individual

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Serenity Flow features a plethora of colors that all possess different meanings. Turquoise in the African culture, it is a symbol of self-awareness and communication. Green is associated with hope, harmony, growth, and abundance. No surprise here, given that fresh seedlings shoot through the ground green in color. The main squeeze is the silver touch which symbolizes serenity and grace, and quite obviously, glamour. While the hint of yellow symbolizes happiness and clarity. It also helps calm the nerves and which makes this style a great option for those intentions of spiritual awareness.

Set your intentions as you tie them on and be mindful everyday as they adorn your body of the goals you have for yourself through this act of tradition. For a trendy look, tie them right at your navel and for weight awareness tie them a inch or two above your navel. When you overeat or bloat you will notice your beads will get tight or rise and as you lose inches/weight you'll notice they will fall. Use these beads as your personal accountability tool along your journey. 

Fits waists/hips up to 55 inches. 

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